Jim Loter

Director of Frontline Services.
City of Seattle.


Jim Loter is the Director of Frontline Services for The City of Seattle. His team supports public and customer engagement applications and end-user technology services and solutions for City employees.

Jim's background includes leadership in digital equity and inclusion programs, education and public library technologies, telecommunications policy and regulation, web and application development, enterprise data management and governance, and open data, privacy, and civic technology initiatives. He is also an experienced classroom instructor and lecturer in organizational management, risk assessment, and public sector technology issues.

Jim hails from Dearborn, Michigan, and has a Master's degree in film studies from the University of Iowa. His academic work focused on Irish cinema, early American cinema, semiotics, and narrative theory. He enjoys running, playing chess and poker, and is an épée fencer.

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Seattle, US

Email: jim@jimloter.com

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